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Medical / Nursing

The philosophy of the nursing departments is ensuring compassionate and loving care for our residents provided by our long-time employees.

The Nursing Department works collaboratively with all facility departments to provide restorative care, palliative care or long term care which enhances the lives of our residents. Our Nursing Department works closely with our Rehabilitation Department to ensure that we are maximizing our residents’ potential for quality of life.

Independence, Dignity and Respect are the cornerstones of the Nursing Department. We believe that there is no reason why nursing home placement should be allowed to diminish a resident’s sense of privacy, choice or freedom.

We provide a nurturing environment where our residents can age with dignity and specialized services by our highly skilled and compassionate nursing staff. Love, laughter and compassion abound in the Nursing Department as our clinicians understand that the quality of care not only depends upon medical expertise but also on how that care is delivered. The nursing staff maximizes the independence of the resident while providing quality of life and quality of care in our friendly and homelike facility.

We utilize a team approach to resident care. Each center strives to ensure each resident has adequate and appropriate medical care, open communication to keep the resident and family fully informed by a Physician concerning the resident's total health status including, but not limited to their medical condition, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan, any changes in care or treatment that may affect the resident’s well being, end of life wishes and decisions. We are proud of our ability to allow the resident to ask any questions and have them answered in a manner that can be understood.

This is accomplished through the interactions of an experienced team of competent, compassionate, coordinated medical staff. Our Medical Staff is made up of Board Certified Primary Physicians and Physician extenders; Board Certified Physician Consultants including, but not limited to, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Psychology, Psychiatry, Pulmonary and others. We also have a Pharmacist Consultant, specializing in Long Term Care Geriatric medications, who reviews each residents’ medications at least monthly on an ongoing basis. This team is lead by our Medical Director.

Together with our Primary Care Physicians, the facility focuses on utilizing the interdisciplinary approach to address all resident care needs. Our care plan team consists of each resident’s physician, licensed nurses, nursing assistants, a registered dietician, activity staff, social services staff, a registered pharmacist, and other care team members as appropriate, based on resident needs.