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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the visiting hours?

We are always open to visitors. However, we recommend visiting between 10 am and 8 pm. This assists us with ensuring appropriate time for residents to have their breakfast and be up and dressed for visits. In the evening, some of our residents retire early. As most rooms are semi-private, late evening visits can be disturbing to a roommate.

Does each room have a television?

Television is provided in common areas for the enjoyment of all residents. If you would like to bring a television for your room, we recommend that a small television set be brought into the facility for those residents who would be more comfortable with a TV in their room. Please be sure to bring in an appropriate stand to hold the TV. All rooms have cable service available. Cable is provided for our residents at no additional charge.

Can I have a telephone in my room?

Yes, each room has been wired for telephone service. Contact the local phone company and request service to this line. Local telephone charges will apply.

Can I bring some of my own furnishings?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you decorate your room with some of your personal belongings and make it your own as long as your room remains a safe area for you to live in and our staff to safely assist you with your needs.

Can I bring my family pet to visit?

Pets are always welcome. However, for the safety of our residents and staff, we ask that you clean up after your pet and keep him/her with you at all times.

Can my family have meals with me?

Yes. Simply let a staff member know that your loved one wishes to dine with you and we will notify the dietary department. Our Social Worker will let you know what the current visitor meal charge will be.

Can I ever take trips home?

Yes. As long as you are not here for skilled services under Medicare, you may take (LOA) Leave of Absence and go for day trips or over night stays with your family. Our Social Worker can explain this to you in more detail.